Slow media: Smartphones and wellbeing for youth

Lead: Prof Katie Davis

Most wellbeing tools—including research on them—focus on reducing the amount of time people spend using technology. Katie’s prior work shows that although users do often express the wish to reduce their tech-related activities, they also seek to enhance the quality and meaningfulness of their experiences with technology. The joint project seeks to identify and organize the challenges that youth and their families experience as they engage with their smartphones, social media, and other networked technologies, and then use these empirical insights to design interventions that support media wellbeing in youth and families.

Petr Slovak
Petr Slovak
Senior Lecturer (Assistant Prof) in Human Computer Interaction

My research is focused on envisioning, designing, and evaluating new technology-enabled interventions for children and youth, targetting core protective factors underpinning personal wellbeing (such as emotion regulation, parenting).