Slow media: Smartphones and wellbeing for youth

**Lead:** [Prof Katie Davis](http://katiedavisresearch.com/) The joint project seeks to identify and organize the challenges that youth and their families experience as they engage with their smartphones, social media, and other networked technologies, and then use these empirical insights to design interventions that support media wellbeing in youth and families.

Situated, embedded, and scalable parenting interventions through emerging IoT technologies

In this project, we are interested to investigate how emerging IoT devices---such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home---could enable a new model for empowering parenting interventions. **Collaborators:** Prof Max Van Kleek (Oxford), Prof Katie Davis (UW), Prof Edmund Sonuga-Barke (KCL), Prof Steven Scott (KLC), Prof Cathy Cresswell (Oxford)

Smart companion robotic toys for adolescent mental health

We aim to understand if/how the existing Smart Toys prototypes could be—in future—incorporated into mental health treatment approaches for youth (aged 16-24); and what further research & user-centred design steps would be required to address the needs of users and therapists. **Collaborators:** Prof Marina Jirotka (Oxford), Prof Ellen Townsend (Nottingham)