Supporting University Students in Regaining Control Over Digital Device Use

Lead: Dr. Ulrik Lyngs

Self-control struggles play a key role in many negative effects of digital device use on well-being, such as problematic use of social media. Students, in particular, often struggle to get the benefits of digital connectivity without comprising their ability to be immersed in academic work or experience negative effects on their well-being. Drawing on Ulrik’s prior work, we are working with the University of Oxford’s Counselling Service, to design experiential workshops helping students students reflect on their struggles, set goals around digital device use, and experiment with concrete tools and strategies.

Petr Slovak
Petr Slovak
Senior Lecturer (Assistant Prof) in Human Computer Interaction

My research is focused on envisioning, designing, and evaluating new technology-enabled interventions for children and youth, targetting core protective factors underpinning personal wellbeing (such as emotion regulation, parenting).