Investigating the efficacy of Smart Toys in families (RCT)

We aim to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of the current prototype in delivering measurable change in emotion regulatory practices of children. In collaboration with Committee for Children, we are preparing a mid-sized repeated measures RCT with an active control (total N=240 families). **Collaborators:** Prof Pedja Klasnja (Michigan), Prof Ben Hankin (Illinois), Prof Brett Ford (Toronto), Committee for Children (Seattle)

Smart companion robotic toys for adolescent mental health

We aim to understand if/how the existing Smart Toys prototypes could be—in future—incorporated into mental health treatment approaches for youth (aged 16-24); and what further research & user-centred design steps would be required to address the needs of users and therapists. **Collaborators:** Prof Marina Jirotka (Oxford), Prof Ellen Townsend (Nottingham)